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TPL handled for us several projects from EXW china with an unseen flexiblity. They contributed to a reliable logistic performance in Ukraine and Russia and Scandinavia,  we started with TPL more than 5 years ago I believe, and appreciated his global logistics services in OOG shipments.

There TPL really focussed on a niche market which served perfectly our marketing needs.

Keep on the good work Robert and Roger !


Senior Purchasing & Logistics Manager

Dear Robert,

Since more than 10 years we enjoy the cooperation of TPL, they understand the needs of our engineers, they are flexible and always there to find the right solution to monitor our logistic challenges.

10 years ago we followed the advise of Robert "buy FOB and sell DDU", in order  to maintain better control of our projects.

Today we have more than 50 Mio turnover and more than ever we still want to control our business !

TPL have damm good rates and a reliable global service, thanks to his network founded 5 years ago.

TPL really acts global and thinks local and exceeds our expectations in his service delivery process.

We wish TPL staff and management a long life and happiness for the years  to come !

LV , President and CEO
Group W. Herent

30.October 2010

Firstly I am in awe of your commitment and professionalism.  Mercie.

Robert of TPL is now our point of contact for all difficult shipments so hopefully we will have more!

Yes your proposal is fine.  After discussion with my team in office – given you have done all the ground work – we would be happy for you to project manage and you tell us how to consign/ move etc.

They are price conscious but reasonable and we are the appointed forwarders.

Thank you again and best regards

E form GFP


                                                                                                     Transport & Project Logistics (TPL)

                                                                                  Robert J. Vermetten

                                                                                  Hovesesteenweg 13

                                                                                  B – 2530 Boechout (Antwerp)


                                                                                          February 22, 2005


O/ref : 05/W0032/JDR

Shipment of sand filters from Turkey to Sharjah


Dear Robert,


We herewith wish to thank Robert J. Vermetten of TPL and his partner QNNTC in

Dubai for the excellent job they did often under difficult circumstances within the

agreed time frame.


TPL & QNNTC as well as their Turkish partner were involved in the transport and

project logistics for our  project to design and build an installation for the pre-treatment of

seawater by means of nanofiltration for Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority



Their scope of duty involved packing, out of gauge transport by land, seafreight,

airfreight as well as the rigging operations at site in Sharjah. Total project value was

4.7 Mio USD.


Thank you very much for your cooperation. Mission was accomplished to our full satisfaction.


Your sincerely,


JDR - Olen