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International Relocation Services

TPL factory relocation services

TPL provides material handling and hoisting services since its creation in close cooperation with vintage partners.

Today we consider this service of factory removals as part of our project strategy, we are able to propose and clearly define/agree on responsibility of all parties involved (see hereafter):

Removal from a single Heidelberger press in South Germany to Turkey,  a rotary press from Scandinavia to Buenos Aires, a laminating pressfrom the North of France to Russia, or machine decommissioning from a steel mill in Chicago or Ruhr in  Germany,  to complete battery production liner relocations / lifting and transport from the North of France to  Middle East, Africa or Indian continent or Brasil, our experienced personnel will provide a timely service within agreed cost budget and with respect for service quality process.

Planning is the key to any relocation project. That’s the way we handle TBM (Tunnel Boring Machines) from Germany to Scandinavia , temporary export from Belgium to Marocco and re-import, the painful and difficult customs negotiations are handled by us with the local expertise of our partner. Every single detail is covered.

TPL will work closely together with his customer, with a clearly defined responsibility guidance throughout  the project.

With more than 30 years of experience in industrial projects, we really care personally to make sure that with necessary flexibility the proposed solution will meet with customer expectation and objectives.

Today TPL is proud to deliver across all aspects of factory removals as part of our project strategy. We are able to propose rigging and hoisting in several fields and provide added value services.

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